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Customer Service Excellence:

The key to a Customer Service Associate’s success is in their ability to efficiently and effectively deal with customer issues, inquiries or problems (be they during inbound calls, while making outbound business development calls, or while customer-facing). As a result, at the end of the customer interaction, the most successful Associates have not only addressed the customer’s need, they have likely also provided the customer with a WOW! experience.

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Communications Styles & Team Effectiveness:

People tend to fall into two general categories; those who think and act similar to you and those that don’t. With the first group, it often seems that you know what they are going to say, even before they say it. You instantly reach a comfort level. If they’re a client or a co-worker, you know what it will take to satisfy them and get along. The second group is harder to relate to. You can be frustrated by their decisions, puzzled by how they react and uncertain how to satisfy them. The most successful people have learned how to work with and adapt to the styles of prospects, clients, co-workers and their community that are different to their own to build effective and productive relationships.

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Warm Prospecting:

For the majority of sales professionals and business developers, proactive prospecting, whether it’s for new clients or additional business from existing clients, is challenging and often avoided. The Warm Prospecting Workshop helps participants develop a focused approach to their prospecting campaign with proven processes, methodologies and tools along with a personal action plan and goal setting that will lead to sales success.

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Time Mastery for Sales Professionals:

Achieving goals, staying ahead of the competition and responding quickly to customer needs is becoming more and more challenging in today’s ever changing, information driven workplace. Setting priorities and managing time are fundamental to enhancing both individual and organizational performance. Using the Time Mastery Profile tool, sales professionals assess their time management effectiveness and create a personal plan for improving skills in these key areas.

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Consultative Selling:

Most successful business developers and influencers believe the key to their success is their ability to communicate effectively with clients, and to develop and grow strong relationships. Very few of us are born with these skills and therefore they must be learned and practiced in order to be successful. Using a combination of highly interactive lectures and “doing it” clinics and role plays, participants develop the confidence and ability to immediately use the consultative selling and relationship building tools learned with their clients.

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Presentations that Sell:

Business developers and account managers need to be able to deliver presentations that sell. This workshop shows them how to create strong value propositions that resonate with clients or prospects, differentiate themselves from the competition and substantiate claims and benefits. Utilizing the Presentation Planning Checklist and best practices tips, they will learn to effectively structure and theme presentations that are compelling and sell.

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Increasing Sales Efficiencies with MS Outlook:

Effective time management is a key driver of sales productivity and yet so many sales professionals lose sight of its importance. This workshop shows participants how to more efficiently manage their time through the sales process by using MS Outlook to 1) organize to-do’s, appointments and scheduling, 2) turn emails into tasks, contacts and appointments, 3) link tasks to contacts and 4) support overall Client Relationship Management. Making use of these simple tools will help improve client management and dramatically increase potential sales results.

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Buyer Centred Selling:

Geared to the intermediate level sales professional, this seminar builds on the key skill sets and tools learned in the Consultative Selling Workshop. Through “doing-it” clinics and role plays, they will not only hone their prospecting, consultative selling and presentation skills but take them to the next level by learning to identify their unique value proposition, competitive advantages and strategic account management and planning strategies. These immediately transferable skills will help to retain existing clients and win more business.

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Becoming a Trusted Advisor:

Most business developers and account managers aspire to become ‘Trusted Advisors’ to their clients, where the client comes to implicitly trust the consultant from both a business and personal perspective. This interactive workshop introduces participants to the four elements of trust (credibility, reliability, intimacy and self orientation) and the supporting skills and tools that will increase client trust levels and move them closer to ‘Trusted Advisor’ status.

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ProSelling™ – Client Centric Solution Selling for the Entrepreneurial Professional via eLearning:

An ideal sales development program for the individual who prefers a more flexible training setting or for individuals or sales teams where geography or travel logistics makes it difficult or too costly to bring them together. ProSelling™, Client Centric Solution Selling for the Entrepreneurial Professional is a blended learning program that addresses the essentials of solution-led, consultative selling from attitude to strategy to behaviour.

Making the most of eLearning technology and instructional design in conjunction with live support facilitation, this foundational program will help both beginner and seasoned sales professionals develop an organized sales system utilizing their time for optimum sales activities, be able to present unique factors based on value, not price and use client strategies that will create a more profitable base of business and increased revenue.

The program length is customizable though typically runs over a five-week time frame with an average time commitment of approximately 2-3 hours per week. It covers the following modules:

  • Being an Entrepreneurial Professional
  • Understanding your Client
  • Understanding your Solutions
  • Prospecting Proactively
  • Managing the Buying and Selling Processes
  • Managing the Relationship
  • Pursuing Sales Excellence

The Sales Goal Action Plan that is developed by each participant during their eLearning becomes a powerful tool for planning, monitoring and analyzing sales metrics and for employee development. Combined with employee sales assessments and follow on coaching, this is a complete program to develop a high performance sales culture in your organization.

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