Customer Service Excellence

2-Day Workshop

The key to a Customer Service Associate’s success is in their ability to efficiently and effectively deal with customer issues, inquiries or problems (be they during inbound calls, while making outbound business development calls, or while customer-facing). As a result, at the end of the customer interaction, the most successful Associates have not only addressed the customer’s need, they have likely also provided the customer with a WOW! experience.

Many customer support/service Associates lack the confidence and ability to fully understand the callers’ problem or inquiry, and the confidence and competence to make a successful outbound business development call. Skills such as effective questioning, listening and probing are learned skills, which must be practiced and internalized. Traditional training tends to focus too much on products and services (i.e. technical training), and not on the communication skills and tools required to increase the Customer Service Associate’s ability to deliver truly excellent customer service.

In our Customer Service Excellence Workshop, we specifically focus on the processes, skills and tools necessary to improve your ability to effectively manage inbound customer calls and/or to make successful outbound customer calls. We focus on skills to resolve customer issues, and then if appropriate, confidently transition into a cross selling dialogue with the customer. We do this through a combination of interactive lecture and ‘doing-it’ role-plays, based on your real-world customer situations.

Materials Covered:

  • Customer Service and Selling
  • Call Structure for Inbound or Outbound Selling
  • Effectively Greeting the Caller
  • Investigating the Customer’s Issue or Inquiry
  • Effective Problem Resolution
  • Making a Compelling Offer
  • Handling Objections and Getting Customer Agreement
  • Coaching and Mentoring (for Managers/Leaders)
  • Role-Play Practice Clinics

This workshop and the proven methodologies, skills and tools you will learn and practice, will increase your confidence to initiate and develop new business opportunities, will help you expedite the resolution of customer issues, and will earn you and the company higher levels of trust, credibility and respect from customers as a direct result of your professional and customer-focused approach.

Sample: Customer Service Excellence Workshop

Session One – Introduction

Customer Service and Selling

  • What Is Customer Service Excellence?
  • What Is Selling?
  • The Importance of Customer Satisfaction
  • Selling on the Inbound Call Structure and Flow

Greeting the Caller

  • Your Greeting
  • Identifying the Caller
  • Best Practices

Role Play #1

Understanding the Callers Inquiry or Problem

  • Three Types of Questions
  • Effective Listening
  • Clarifying – Peeling the Onion
  • Summarizing the Inquiry or Problem

Role Play #2

Summary and Wrap-Up

Session Two – Introduction and Session 1 Review


  • Why Do We Dislike Problems?
  • How to Respond to a Problem
  • Structured Problem-Solving Tool

Role Play #1

Making An Offer

  • Transitioning Scenarios
  • Getting Permission to Make an Offer
  • System Cues
  • Features and Benefits
  • Confirmation

Getting Agreement to Next Steps

  • When to Ask?
  • How to Ask?
  • Agreement Barriers
  • Next Steps Follow-Up

Role Play #2

Summary and Wrap-Up