LePhair Associates announces exciting new partnership with Insurance Works to provide businesses with the critical tools and insights to hire successfully.

Toronto, September 10, 2020 – LePhair Associates a leading provider of employee assessments’, announces a new partnership with Insurance Works that will help the Canadian P&C industry improve their hiring success.

Through this strategic partnership, our clients will benefit from broader access to the critical tools and insights to hire successfully. This will include special offers and discounts on our respective services.

Insurance Works clients can now take advantage of a simple, cost effective, industry specific assessment tool that provides the key insights that help organizations make smarter hiring decisions.

“We are excited to partner with Insurance Works,” says Lucy Arkell, General Manager of LePhair Associates. “It’s no secret that our work environment has changed drastically over the past six months.  With the recent pivot to virtual work and hiring, it is more important than ever that organizations hire strategically and select candidates that can have the greatest potential to adapt and be successful in a role. Traditional hiring practices relying on resumes, interviews and intuition, provide a good starting point for gaining a basic sense of who a person is.  The challenge is that only a small percentage of our capabilities and potential can be observed on the surface.  The rest, like thinking style, behavioral traits and interests take some skilled digging and that is where assessments can help.”

Employee assessments allow you to recruit right the first time by helping to fill the gap between the resume and interview with consistent, in-depth, actionable data on a candidate’s fit (thinking style, behavioral traits and interests) to a specific role and the organization. This allows you to make smarter hiring decisions based on data, not impressions.

About Insurance Works

Established in 1998, InsuranceWorks is Canada’s leading online insurance job board specializing in online recruitment solution specific to the Canadian insurance industry. With a community of over 50,000 active jobseekers and over 3,000 employers, their services consist of online job postings, access to job seeker resume database and more!

About LePhair

LePhair Associates provides employee assessments, training and consulting services to businesses that appreciate their people are essential to their success. With more than 60 years of combined P&C industry experience, we have a track record of helping businesses achieve breakthrough results in company performance. Our advanced assessment information combined with customized sales, service and leadership development training programs, helps companies get the right person in the right job, develop processes to coach, train, manage and motivate them to greater success.

Our clients range from owner managed businesses through to international corporations.

To find out more about this new partnership please visit the Strategic Partners section on our site.