1-Day Workshop

Time management is critical to your success in business. Managing your time effectively requires that you master the skills and habits that are important to your job. To do that, you must first identify and assess your skill levels and any skill gaps. This knowledge will allow you to create action plans to develop those habits that are critical to your job success.

This one day program provides in-depth information and analysis of each of the 12 key Time Mastery categories with a focus on developing new habits, skills and tools necessary to improve your time management skills. Using information from their pre-work (Time Mastery Profile Assessment), participants will identify, define and develop Action-Planning Guides for the habits they want to change.

Materials Covered:

  • Review of Time Mastery Profile
  • The role good time management habits play in job success
  • Analysis of Skills Gap Analysis Graph – Identification of high priority/low skill areas
  • Review of 12 critical Time Mastery components/habits:
    1. Improving Attitudes
    2. Setting Goals
    3. Establishing Priorities
    4. Analyzing
    5. Planning
    6. Scheduling
    7. Curbing Interruptions
    8. Improving Meetings
    9. Handling Written Communication
    10. Delegation
    11. Conquering Procrastination
    12. Improving Team Time


Participants will learn to:

  • Examine how they manage their time during the day
  • Identify ways that they use time effectively and ineffectively
  • Replace self-defeating habits with self-reinforcing habits
  • Plan specific ways they can improve their time management
  • Develop Action Plans for critical habits
  • Prioritize which time mastery habits and action plans to focus on first