2-Day Workshop

Most successful business developers, consultants and / or influencers believe the key to their success is the ability to communicate effectively with clients, and to develop and grow strong relationships with them. Very few business developers are born with these skills and therefore, in order to be successful, they must learn and practice them.

In this two-day intensive workshop, we specifically focus on the processes, skills and tools necessary to improve the participant’s ability to effectively communicate and build relationships with clients. This is accomplished through a combination of highly interactive lectures and “doing-it” clinics and role plays with as much as 40% of classroom time devoted to practicing the tools and methodologies learned in the workshop. The benefit of this format is that participants leave the workshop with the confidence and ability to effectively use the consultative selling and relationship-building tools learned in class immediately – thereby maximizing retention and the investment in the training

Materials Covered:

  •  Consultative and Value Added Relationships
  •  Meeting Structure and Planning
  •  Diagnosing Client Needs
  •  Qualifying Opportunities
  •  Presenting the Benefits of Your Solution
  •  Handling Customer Objections
  •  Our Personal Selling Styles versus the Styles of Others
  •  Getting Commitment and closing!

Participants Will Learn:

  •  The practice of consultative, needs-based business development
  •  Why it’s important to utilize a pre-planned meeting structure and how to develop a template
  •  Questioning, listening and clarifying for proper needs diagnosis
  •  Presenting real benefits that exceed the basic and expected
  •  The Feature – Benefit – Confirm planner
  •  Why people really object and how to respond to objections
  •  The barriers to commitment, when to ask for it and how to get it!
  •  The importance of adapting our own style to that of that of clients and prospects

Consultative Selling Two-Day Workshop

Session One – Introduction

Consultative Relationships

  • WIN – WIN
  • Total Needs
  • What Do We Need To Know About the Client?

Meeting Structure and Planning

  • Opening the Meeting
  • Getting the Client’s Attention and Interest
  • Understanding their Needs
  • Making a Compelling Recommendation
  • Handling Client Objections
  • Asking for and Getting, Commitment

Role Play #1

Lunch & Role Play Prepare

Diagnosing Client Needs

  • Three Types of Questions
  • Hear vs. Listen
  • Qualifying Opportunities
  • Power of Pauses
  • Clarify, Drill Down
  • Issues, Reason, Impact, Need
  • Clarifying Tool

Needs Practice Clinic

Role Play #2

Role-Play Feedback and Summary

Session Two – Introduction

Presenting the Benefits of Your Solution

  • “What Does It Mean To Me?”
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Confirming

Benefits Practice Clinic

Handling Objections

  • They Are Really Just Needs
  • Attitude and Process Structured Tool
  • ‘Your Price Is Too High’

Objections Practice Clinic

Lunch & Role Play Prepare

Selling Styles

  • Recognizing and learning about your sales style
  • Understanding the style of your clients and prospects
  • Learning how to adapt to the various styles in order to develop relationships

Getting Client Commitment

  • When and How Do I Ask For It?
  • The Commitment Question
  • Barriers to Commitment

Role Play #3

Review and Close