1/2 Day Workshop

Know Your Style, Understand your Team!

People tend to fall into two general categories; those who think and act similar to you and those that don’t. With the first group, it often seems that you know what they are going to say, even before they say it. You instantly reach a comfort level. If they’re a client or a co-worker, you know what it will take to satisfy them and get along. The second group is harder to relate to. You can be frustrated by their decisions, puzzled by how they react and uncertain how to satisfy them. The most successful people have learned how to work with and adapt to styles of their prospects, clients, co-workers and members of their communities that are different to their own.

Why is it important to understand your working style and the style of those around you?

  • It reduces your stress and challenges in working with people because you better understand their style and motivations
  • You have realistic expectations about what their reactions and behavior will be
  • You dramatically improve your communication and it becomes easier to influence someone based on what is important to them
  • You have more effective and productive working relationships

During this fun and interactive half day program, participants will:

  • Learn about the different style quadrants on the Workplace Map
  • Develop a greater understanding of their communication and working style and that of their co-workers
  • Increase interpersonal skills in dealing with internal and external customers
  • Learn how to adapt their style in order to build effective long-term relationships
  • Understand how to maximize the team’s strengths and overcome differences
  • Learn the essential team building factors

A key component of the program is the participants’ pre-workshop completion of an on-line assessment known as the Everything DISC Workplace Profile. This measures each individual’s personality and working style, adaptability and fit into the team. In addition to the individuals’ personal report, the assessment also provides management with valuable coaching information as well as an overall team view.
RIBO Accredited: 3 Personal Hours