Hire Smarter!

No matter how big or small a company may be, each and every employee can have a big impact. This means that hiring employees should not be taken lightly, and it’s critical to have a well planned and effective process for recruiting and selecting new additions to your team.
Employee assessments give companies and managers consistent, in-depth and objective information about their prospective candidates (thinking style, behaviours and interests). This allows them to make smarter people decisions and dramatically improve success rates for new hires.

Our integrated approach includes:

Understand Your Needs

Client consultation to understand specific needs of the position and overall organizational culture and creation of a unique performance model tailored to the role.

Assess Your Fit

Evaluate candidate and existing employees for fit to the position, team, manager and organizational culture. Assess how an individual’s interests, thinking style and motivations will likely impact their behaviours and success on the job.

Make the Right People Decisions

Provide selection reports with job match results, detailed interview questions and management coaching reports to manage new and existing employees to reach their full potential.

Understand Your Needs

Understanding that no two roles or organizations are the same, we take the time up front to understand our clients’ unique needs and select the right employee assessment tool to meet those needs. Our selection tools allow us to create a unique performance model that measures for fit to a specific role in terms of thinking style, behavioural tendencies and interests.


Provides consistent, in-depth, and objective insights into an individual’s:

  • Thinking Style: An index of expected learning, reasoning and problem solving potential. Essentially, it reflects one’s ability to process information and encompasses verbal skill, verbal reasoning, numeric ability and numeric reasoning
  • Behavioural Tendencies: Considers commonly observed actions that define who we are within 9 common behavioural traits. These attributes have been scientifically proven to be important in work settings and specific roles – sales, service, leadership as examples
  • Interests: Prioritizes six interest areas which are effective in predicting an individual’s motivation and level of satisfaction in various job positions

Assess for Fit

Using innovative, high-tech processes, our suite of on-line assessment tools helps businesses hire smarter the first time! Create your high-performance workplace by selecting the right people, placing them in the right roles and managing them to their full potential.
Through our guided virtual assessment centre, candidates can complete their assessment online, anywhere and at any time. Results are instant. And, it’s easy!


Assessments allow you to:

  • Recruit right the first time by identifying and hiring candidates that fit the company, the team and the role
  • On-board new employees more effectively
  • Coach new and existing employees for maximum effectiveness
  • Reduce employee conflict, absenteeism and turnover
  • Increase sales performance and customer loyalty
  • Increase overall workforce capability, productivity, and agility

Make the Right People Decisions

Through a combination of job match, coaching and interview guides, we help organizations make informed people decisions related to hiring, career management and succession planning. All our assessment tools are easily interpretable and meet or exceed Global Standards of Reliability and Validity.


You will be provided with:

  • Selection reports with “job match” results for any position in the company
  • Detailed interview questions to guide you through the recruitment process
  • An assessment on fit within the organization as well as an overview on six critical job-related components and sales attributes for sales-related positions
  • Management coaching reports to manage new and existing employees to their full potential
  • Consultation on the assessment findings to assist you in the decision making process