Increase Sales Performance

As a business owner or sales manager, you know that having weak or mediocre salespeople can be disastrous for an organization. High performing sales  teams ensure that their salespeople have the right attributes and skills to be successful in their role.

Using a combination of individual assessment insights along with customized training workshops, we help organizations increase the productivity and effectiveness of their sales and service teams and build a high performing sales culture.

Drive Results With Customer-Centric Relationships

Hire the Right Salespeople

A critical starting point before embarking on a development plan is to consider if the individual has what it takes to be a salesperson:

Sales Assessment Process

image-Measure Behavioral Tendencies

Profile XT

Assesses for Job Fit against a customized performance model (benchmark) for a specific role based on the candidate’s cognitive abilities, behavioural tendencies and interests. It provides insights as to how a candidate would fit within the organization and its culture. A suite of reports is provided that support all facets of the employee life cycle from hiring through to performance management, sales development and succession planning.

Sales Reports

The Profile XT sales-specific reports include additional insights on expected sales behaviors. They focus on an individual’s approach to 8 critical sales practices (prospecting, self-starting, initiating contact, resourcefulness, building & maintaining relationships, coachability, closing the sale and working with a team), helping you gain insight and confidence in hiring the right salespeople.

Develop Individual Sales Skills

Our programs focus on developing the processes, skills and tools necessary to effectively communicate, develop new business opportunities, build relationships, and get results! Each workshop includes personal insights, skills application opportunities and is customized to meet identified performance gaps and development needs.

image-Measure Behavioral Tendencies

Sales – Create Customer Centric Interactions

Built around the foundational DiSC self-awareness assessment, this program helps salespeople successfully create customer-centric interactions that improve results. Participants learn how to stretch beyond their natural Sales style to more effectively adapt to their customers’ preferences and expectations—regardless of the customer’s unique buying style. It includes tips, strategies, and action plans to help salespeople become more effective.

Sales Takeaways

  • Discover personal sales style and approach
  • Recognize customers’ differences
  • Align expectations
  • Develop strategies to adapt sales approaches to customer needs

Consultative Selling

This program focuses on developing the processes, skills and tools necessary to improve the salesperson’s ability to effectively communicate and build strong client relationships.

Consultative Selling Takeaways

  • Understand practice of consultative, needs-based business development
  • Develop an effective meeting structure and plan
  • Diagnose client needs
  • Qualify opportunities
  • Present the benefits of your solution
  • Handle customer objections & get commitment

Keep The Learning Alive

Reinforce and strengthen skills application through a comprehensive package of follow up refresher programs, coaching support and tools.

Sales Checkpoint 180

This 180-degree employee feedback tool helps sales leaders evaluate their sales people on universally accepted sales competencies, understand their on-going development needs and align sales priorities. The reports provide specific information to support better coaching and communication leading to higher productivity and job satisfaction.

Assessment Insights

  • Identify critical gaps in sales skill sets, expectations, and performance
  • Target developmental needs
  • Improve productivity and retention