Organizations with the greatest hiring success use a consistent, data driven approach

However, two thirds of hiring managers in a recent Wiley survey, said they tended to rely on instinct vs data when making a hiring decision.

Instinct certainly is important and plays a role, but an overreliance can crowd out other insights that truly do lead to a better hire. Instincts can be unreliable, especially in the current marketplace where many job interviews are happening virtually and social cues become much more difficult to read.  Additionally, they can lead to unconscious biases where hiring decisions are being made based on shared interests or backgrounds.

Hiring managers with the greatest success in consistently hiring the right people had two critical things in common: 1) they have consistent hiring processes in place and 2) they relied more on data than instinct.

In addition to resumes, interviews, and past job performance what other data will help you develop a consistent approach that builds upon instinct? Data that provides a deeper understanding of a candidate will give you the ability to predict potential job fit and future performance.

Candidate assessments and testing is the surest way to gather these deeper insights. One such assessment is PXT Select, which provides a scientifically validated understanding of candidate fit to the role and organization based on:

  1. Thinking Style – A measure of verbal and numeric skills and reasoning, speaks to their ability to gather, analyze, apply, and communicate information in the workplace.
  2. Behavioral Traits – A measure of nine traits (pace, assertiveness, sociability, conformity, outlook, decisiveness, accommodation, and independence) that speaks to traits and preferences that shape us and our behavior in the workplace.
  3. Interests – A measure of six work related interests (creative, enterprising, financial/administrative, people service, mechanical, and technical) that speaks to potential satisfaction and motivation where the job matches their interests.

Hiring Successfully for Dummies provides insights on how to improve your hiring practices through data driven insights on fit. Click here to read a free copy.