Do you have the right tools to drive sales team performance?

We provide advanced employee assessments and customized training and coaching so that organizations like yours can build a high-performance sales culture.


Profile XT Select

  • Measures applicant for fit to specific sales positions (both new applicants and existing employees considering career changes) based on job match to a performance model (success benchmark)
  • Includes measures of expected approach on 8 critical sales practices plus cognitive abilities, behavioural traits and interests 
  • Key reports include: expected sales behaviors, interview questions, coaching reports. These are important resources when making critical people decisions

Train & Develop

DiSC Sales/DiSC Management

  • Behaviour based tools used for on-going training and for personal  and team development based on the four-quadrant theory of behaviour (DiSC)
  • Measures sales skills, sales challenges and development opportunities
  • Comparison reports can be generated amongst team members or sales management for better alignment


Sales Checkpoint Rating System

  • Aid for sales coaching and development of sales professionals already in the job
  • 180 degree feedback tool between a Sales Leader and the Salesperson that focuses on 7 universal sales competencies considered essential for sales success
  • Reports provide a structure for a conversation between Sales leaders and their reports on sales behaviours deemed important for their success in the current role